• Jaw Crusher (custom sizes).

  • Rotary Sample Divider.

  • Continuous Ball Mill (24 x 24).

  • Automatic Scoop type Sampler

  • Impactor - High Reduction Ratio

  • Concentration table.

  • Vertical Centrifuge with Pump.

  • Double Cone Blender.

Over 5 decades, MINERAL PROCESS EQUIPMENT PVT. LTD., has evolved as a progressive manufacturing company, adding value to the mines & mineral processing industry with cost-effective design, manufacture and supply of world-class mineral processing equipment.

Engineering machines to increase operating efficiency and cut costs.

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Laboratory Equipment

Over the years, we have been the preferred supplier for eminent learning institutions in the field of mining and mineral engineering.

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Crushing Machinery

Crushers with extensive features with great crushing ratio, giving uniform sizes, with easy maintenance at low operating cost.

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Screening Machines

Screening Machines for Sizing, Screening, Grading, Sorting, Sifting, Straining. Vibroscreen, Rotoscreen, Gyroscreen.

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Mineral & Ore Beneficiation

Testing and production equipment for the entire process of ore beneficiation is manufactured to custom specifications

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Shatter Test Apparatus

Shatter Test Apparatus

Drop shatter index indicates the ability of mineral to resist broking into small pieces along cracks and defects.

Ball Mill 24 x 24


These robust pan mixers are provided with heavy duty blades and rollers to effectively blend grit cement, fly ash and small granules.

Vertical Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Centrifugal Pump

These are designed to handle frothy concentrates or material that will go by gravity into the pump bowl.

Bonds Ball Mill

Bonds Ball Mill

The Bond Ball Mill provides the Bond Ball Mill Work Index which expresses the resistance of a mineral to ball milling.


"They listen carefully to client needs and explain things in layman terms. They find flexible and efficient solutions for our engineering needs. I also like working with a smaller firm and having access to the principal.”
Chimanlal Jain, MD Goenka Marbles

"I have worked with MPE on several projects over the years. They are excellent engineers and are great project team players. I am confident that every project we work on together will be performed in an expeditious and professional manner. Furthermore, knowing their firm is on a project team gives me comfort that we will achieve our goals"
Ankush Reddy, Jr Engg. Golconda mines

"Their professionalism is beyond reproach and they have demonstrated the ability to develop innovative solutions to problems presented to them in the implementation of our projects. The solutions frequently result in cost savings in the operations of the project or maintenance"
V Sinha, GM. www.bharatmines.com

"As a student, I had used MPE engineering equipment. Now it is a pleasure to team with them on professional projects. I have great respect for MPE and would highly recommend them for any engineering needs in mining industry.."
Venkat Subaa, Sr Engg. abc@gmail.com